Upgrade to JHipster 3.4.2 in Ubuntu 16

JHipster introduced a nice upgrade utility since version 3.4 but it seems it has some issue when you work in Ubuntu.
This is a workaround to get it working

Install JHipster in Ubuntu 16



JHipster is a Yeoman generator that will kick start your AngularJS -Java Spring project. It can create all your user administration services (including facebook, twitter and google user types). It can create a bunch of files to handle your entities with a single command (Spring controllers, repositories, REST controller, Angular controllers, forms, views, dialogs and tests)

Dockervel: A Laravel development environment in Docker

A complete Laravel development environment in Docker Containers:

  • Bring Up a Laravel development environment with a single command easy as dup
  • Execute Artisan commands easy as dartisan make:auth
  • Run Composer command easy as dcomposer update
  • Run NodeJS script easy as dnodejs npm install
  • Run gulp watch easy as dgulp-watch
  • Containers managed with docker-compose
  • Lightweight as it is mostly based in Linux Alpine base image of 5MB.

Docker installation in Linux Mint and Ubuntu

Docker is an amazing technology that can bring your entire server infrastacture, at your desktop.
And this is how you install Docker and start playing with containers.

Add floating header to your Blogger blog with simple CSS

There is a simple way to make your blog title to be visible while scrolling. All you have to do is go to 'Template->Customize->Advanced->Add CSS' and override the #header CSS with this: